I first met Brigam when he was a salesman for a local winery, he called on my store and we developed an instant rapport. At the end of our conversation about wine, we discovered we go to the same Church. After working at a charity tasting together, he got me engaged in mission work in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Brigam has always excelled at everything he does but now he is taking his Mission Work to the next level. I wanted to give my readers a chance to learn of it first hand. 

Mission work and church have always been a big part of my life – I wouldn’t be the person I am without my church family or faith. Thank you for being with me on my faith walk as I’ve spent many years working in the mission field both stateside and internationally. With your support and guidance I believe I’ve been set on this path and called to be a full-time missionary in Mexico for 2018. Its only through your continued support that this call can be a reality. Please join me in helping to show Christ’s love to those in need.

One of my first experiences on the mission field came when I was 14. I joined a group going to West Virginia, where we gave a 106 year old shut-in, who couldn’t leave his house, the gift of being able to go outside again. We tore out the old, broken down ramp outside his house and built a new one. Just watching the look of joy on that man’s face changed my heart. That is the moment I fell in love with missions.

Since then, I’ve been on over 30 international missions. Some have been as short as a week and some have been as long as eight months. Although I’ve been all over the world, most of my work has been in Mexico. Ive been working there for over 10 years now, mostly with Adventures in Life Ministry.

We’ve accomplished some amazing things such as hosting kids and vocational camps, providing water filters to fight against chronic illness, assisting with construction and labor, teaching people essential life skills at our demonstration ranch, and running medical clinics. Through our work: lives are saved, kids are given a brighter future, and people come to know Jesus. Although its trying at times, the rewards far outweigh the trials… and in my mind, further solidifies my call to continue to serve Jesus through international missions.

I’ve been called to work with Adventures in Life Ministry for 2018 and I want to follow that call. To do so I must raise $50,000. Why so much? Simple. Everything in the mission field costs money and I plan on doing a lot for the Kingdom. For example, I will be taking a class and obtaining the necessary equipment to fit people for glasses. This will allow me to help give the gift of sight, and help some see for the first time. However, the initial start up cost for that is $2,500. So, as you can see, things can and will add up quickly.

Heres where I need your help:


1. Pray – Honestly, this is a huge move for me and I’m going to need lots of prayer and encouragement.


2. Give – Become part of my financial support team by making a one time donation, or by even giving monthly. Anything you give will immensely help in raising the needed $50,000. And its all tax deductible!

You can donate to Brigam’s Ministry directly through Adventures In Life  just mention that your donation is for Brigam 

I am already part way to my goal and will be working hard the rest of the year to do my part to raise that $50,000, but I need your help as well. Please join me on my journey to bring others closer to Christ in Mexico in 2018. Together we can do this

Brigam is also working with Adventures in Life on Go Fund Me Campaign raising money to get water filters to the people of Oaxaca impacted by the recent 8.1 earthquake in that area. Share this  with your friends who might want to give…