As you may have noticed, I stopped blogging regularly about two years ago. Work, volunteerism and life have kept me away. I’ve been speaking at wine events, conducting Mezcal seminars, teaching John Maxwell content at local Churches, helping with capital campaigns, Kidney donor events and serving in Oaxaca. All filled me with joy and a sense of purpose. Spending so much time helping others and neglecting myself began to take its toll.

On January 1, 2019, I stepped on a scale -297 lbs. Wow! my clothes didn’t fit, I wore out easily and quite frankly, the “Excellence Takes Effort” mindset was not reflected in my appearance. I was unhappy with myself. What could I do?
I bought diet books, a great yoga program (DDP!!!), stepped up at karate and spent a lot of time watching what I ate. All these efforts, although done with great intention, were sporadic and irregular- as John Maxwell says “The hardest person to lead is yourself”.  By the end of Summer 2019, I weighed about 280lbs. It was progress, but I was still a “big guy”. I felt clumsy, slow, felt bloated and was no longer confident at speaking events.

Cameron Hall, a fitness and nutrition Coach from Fight The Dad Bod, had conducted a seminar for “Iron Men of Dad Hackers” an Online Christian Men’s Small Group  I joined. As a new member, I was able to watch his recording and he made a lot of sense. I was encouraged by members of the group to call Cameron and see if he could help me.

“Professional coaching? For Me? I’m a coach, I can do it myself!” Said the guy – me- known as “Fat Ed”. After much thought, I realized the aforementioned kind of thinking made me fat ((Insert oft used Einstein quote about insanity here – Insanity is doing the same thing and not expecting the same results)– so I reached out to Cameron and we set up a phone call. We talked about my goals, my lifestyle, the foods I ate, my family support – and much more. Cameron took me on as a client.

Together we decided he could help me lose some weight and build muscles. I needed to commit to following his program and being accountable to him for everything I ate for 90 days. My big weigh-in and “before pictures” were scheduled for the following Sunday.

Cameron provided me with an eating plan (not a diet) and a proven strategy for good health – helped and encouraged me every step of the way.
My big reveal is Jan 1 exactly one year from when I weighed 297. On that date I will share my new weight and pictures – I will be an official after model.

With Cam’s help, I’ve done excellent-  excellent does take effort, and coaching– yes it will be an exciting reveal
If you are unhappy with your energy level and weight and you want the great results as I got- do what I did and contact Cameron at Fight The Dad Bod